A Little bit about Me…

A Little bit about Me…

I am ten years old and I absolutely LOVE reading. I decided to start a blog when one of my friends asked me what kind of books were best. I wake up with a book in my hand, am up til 2am “Sneak Reading”, fall asleep with a book under my pillow and sometimes get in trouble for missing out on things cause I’m reading.   Basically…I eat, breathe, sleep and most definitely DREAM about the next book, story, poem, land or planet I will be enchanted by.

So I figured I would share my love with you and maybe recommend a good book or thousand that you will become obsessed with.

Let me know what you think or if there are any good ones that I should read. Hey I’ll even preview one for you that you may be interested in.


Until then, I’ll keep dreaming about THE DAY IT RAINED BOOKS!


Keep Calm and Read On!

P.S In my mind, it ALWAYS rains books!