The Magician’s elephant! Who doesn’t Like Elephants?

the magicans elephant

Imagine you are sitting in the theater to watch a play. A magician comes up to stall for the real act, then an ELEPHANT crashes through the roof!!!! This is how The Magician’s Elephant begins. The hero of our story, young Peter hears this news while at the fishmarket and recalls what  the Fortune Teller had said

“The Elephant will lead you to your sister…”

Hoping to find his sister, Peter takes on the quest to find the Elephant.

Will Peter be reunited with his sister? Find out in The Magician’s Elephant!


Keep Calm and Read On.

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2 Responses to “The Magician’s elephant! Who doesn’t Like Elephants?

  • Ms. Fernandez
    3 years ago

    I love the set up you’ve given to get the reader excited about reading this book. It will certainly be added to my reading list! Good job!

  • Michelle
    3 years ago

    Excellent review- I just ordered a copy for Chloe and I to read together!

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